Q: Where are you located? 
A: 12730 Foothill Blvd.  Rancho Cucamonga, Ca 91739.  

Q: How far in advance do I have to order a custom cake? 
A: One week

Q: How much are your Flan Cakes? 
A: 6" is $38, 8" is $48 10" is $78, 12" is $110 for our Signature Style

Q: Are you guys hiring? 
A: Not at this time, but feel free to inquire through our "Join Us" link so that we can keep your resume on file. 

Q: What's the easiest way to order a custom cake? 
A: Making an cake consultation appointment to discuss the order with the cake decorators either over the phone or in person.

Q: Will you be selling the Turon cupcake this week? 
A: The Turon cupcake is here to stay! Make sure to come in early since we tend to sell out. 

Q: Do you ship your baked goods?
A: Not at this time. We will be in soon!